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Hydrolysates and extracts of chicken protein
for moist feed, pet snacks & treats

Universal biotechnologies and technological lines from Symbio are used for the industrial production of a wide range of protein hydrolysates with desired properties from various types of raw materials.

Hydrolysates & extracts of chicken protein. Summary

  • Hydrolysates and extracts of chicken protein produced from fresh chicken raw materials with a high content of meat coming from the poultry processing facility
  • The production technology of chicken protein hydrolysates and extracts includes the processes of directed enzymatic hydrolysis of chicken protein and its subsequent ultrafiltration on a membrane unit.
  • Chicken protein hydrolysates and extracts are amino-peptide compositions with a high content of short and medium peptides, as well as free amino acids.


Hydrolysates and extracts of chicken protein “HCP Premium 150” and “HCP-B4”, which we offer on the market, are used in feed formulations for cats and dogs as a source of complete and hypoallergenic animal protein with a high degree of bioavailability, as well as natural meat flavor supplement


  • Moist feed
  • Snacks
  • Treats
  • Hypoallergenic pet diets
  • Therapeutic pet diets
  • Bioactive feed additives


  • Improving pet appetite for feed
  • Enhancing biological properties of the feed
  • Normalisation of protein content within feed formulas without corresponding increases in fat and ash contents
  • Increasing digestibility of the protein in the end product


Key biological and functional parameters:

  • High concentration of animal protein (≥ 86%)
  • Complete amino acid composition including essential aminoacids
  • High degree of protein digestibility (≥95%)
  • Low on fat and ash
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Abundance of glutamic acid
  • High solubility
  • Delicate flavor and aroma

For most peptides identified in chicken protein hydrolysates, myofibrillar muscle tissue proteins, as well as connective tissue proteins, are precursors. Thus, the ingredients we offer can act as natural muscle mass growth stimulants in the respective dog breeds.

Products & compositions

Key parameters HCP PREMIUM 150 HCP - B4
4% (±2%)
4% (±2%)
88% (±2%)
85% (±2%)
0% (±0,5%)
< 5%
7% (±1%)
7% (±1%)
0% (± 0,5%)
0% (± 0,5%)
2,5% (±0,5%)
2,5% (±0,5%)

Products & key biological properties

Products & organoleptic qualities

Aroma profile for
HCP – B4 & HCP Premium 150

Taste profile for
HCP – B4 & HCP Premium 150

Existing applications of chicken protein hydrolysates & extracts

Our partners, the leading Russian manufacturers of standard and functional pet food, produce a wide range of moist pet foods, snacks, treats and feed additives using our unique ingredients.


Moist & canned feed

Functional & regular treats


Meat sticks


Key competencies

Production and distribution of enzymatic protein hydrolysates, as well as products with high biological value based on these hydrolysates

Creation, implementation and development of industrial biotechnologies for the deep processing of raw materials of animal and vegetable origin, including low-value and secondary types thereof

Financing and participation in the implementation of investment biotechnological projects, including innovative ones

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