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Deep processing of peas

General diagram. deep processing of peas

The technology of deep processing of peas consists in the isolation of valuable components of pea grain – an isolate of protein, starch and fiber

Products of deep processing of peas

The world market for pea protein in 2020 amounted to 230,000 tons, or $ 750 million .
The compound average annual growth rate for the next five years is 13-14%. The boom in demand for pea protein isolate is associated with an increase in plant Meat Production

Pea protein made from yellow peas


  • high quality protein and almost complete set of amino acids
  • hypoallergenic
  • gluten and dairy free

Native pea starch has:

  • high gel-forming ability
  • low temperature of gelation
  • short texture
  • neutral taste
  • Wide-winged spread
    received and modified

Pea fiber -- white powder with neutral taste and odor

Main properties :

  • neutral taste
  • fibrous structure (the possibility of partial replacement of raw materials and fatty raw materials)
  • increasing the taste characteristics of products

Advantageous properties of pea protein enzymatic hydrolysates

Pea Enzymatic Hydrolyzate (HPP) is a product of deep protein hydrolysis using proteases and is a natural amino-peptide complex with a high content of short and medium peptides and free amino acids.

Key benefits of HPP over native pea proteins:

  • Complete absence or minimal amount of anti-nutritional factors of protein nature
  • Fast and complete digestibility
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Improved taste
  • Expansion of applications
  • Water solubility

Benefits of using HPP:

  • Improves the taste and texture of the final products
  • The nutritional and biological value of products increases
  • Increases the digestibility of protein in final products
  • No ethical concerns with applications

Composition of pea protein hydrolysates

Physicochemical parameters of
Pea enzymatic hydrolysates

  • SV ≥ 96%
  • Protein ≥ 85%
  • Fat ≤ 5%
  • Ash ≤ 7%

Amino acid composition of pea proteins in comparison with several proteins of plant and animal origin

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