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New biosolutions for premixes and feed additives

Enzymes and enzymatic chicken protein hydrolysates

Chicken Protein Hydrolysates / For premixes and feed additives

Feed additives, premixes for agricultural animals and poultry, which include chicken protein hydrolysates, are used for the production of feed, as well as liquid feed additives with high feed and biological value.

Hydrolysates, in particular, increase the bioavailability of protein in finished feed, which is especially important for starter and pre-starter feeds

At the moment, we are supplying manufacturers of traditional and functional food products, pet food and microbiological culture media, etc with enzymatic chicken protein enzymatic hydrolysates «HCP-4» and «HCP Premium 150», manufactured by Proliver BVBA (Belgium) using our licensed technology.

Enzymatic Hydrolysates of chicken protein

Universal biotechnologies and technological lines from Symbio are used for the industrial production of a wide range of protein hydrolysates with desired properties from various types of raw materials.

key biological properties

! For most peptides identified in chicken protein hydrolysates, myofibrillar muscle tissue proteins as well as connective tissue proteins are precursors. Thus, the ingredients we offer can act as natural muscle mass growth stimulants in animals and birds.

!! Hydrolysates and extracts of chicken protein are made from fresh chicken raw materials of food standard with a high content of meat coming from a poultry processing complex.

Biotech solutions - fine tuned to your requirements

Our competences :

Based on the global experience of Novozymes and the practical work of our specialists in promoting and introducing enzymatic processes of hydrolysis of animal and vegetable proteins as well as for Hydrolyzed chicken proteins produced by Proliver we are ready to offer your company the following set of services in the field of the use of proteases in your production:

  1. Selection of the optimal protease portfolio and /or hydrolysates of chicken proteins for your biotechnological solutions depending on the types of raw materials, process conditions and product requirements.
  2. Providing general recommendations on the optimal conditions of the enzymatic hydrolysis process and/or of optimal usage of Hydrolyzed chicken proteins.
  3. Providing free samples of proteases and/or hydrolysates for laboratory research.
  4. Ensuring the commercial supply of proteases and/or hydrolysates which were selected by the specialists of the enterprise during laboratory and industrial tests.

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