Enzymes. Proteases.

Proteases belong to the class of enzymes that accelerate the hydrolysis of proteins, peptides and other compounds containing peptide bonds.
The use of proteases in biotechnological processes for the processing of protein-containing raw materials of animal or vegetable origin makes it possible to obtain protein hydrolysates with varying degrees of hydrolysis of peptide bonds and given biological and functional properties

Endoproteases hydrolyze the protein in the middle of the molecule, forming peptides of more or less the same size when a water molecule is added to the peptide bond.

Exopeptidases are hydrolyzed from the end of the peptide or protein, and one amino acid is released.

Small peptides contribute to the basic aromas of raw materials, and free amino acids act as enhancers of taste and aroma.

Proteases portfolio of the company Novozymes (Denmark)

and the recommended applications

Endoproteases: Alcalase, Neutrase, Protamex, Novo-Pro D
Endoprotease and Exopeptidase Complex: Flavourzyme/

Name of the delivered proteases and their purpose

Enzyme / packagingComposition and application
Alcalase 2,4L FG
(jerrycan 25 kg)
Alcalase Food Grade is a highly efficient bacterial protease developed for the hydrolysis of all kinds of proteins. Is an endoproteinase.
Neutrase 0,8L 
(jerrycan25 kg)
Neutrase is an endoprotease which can be used in most cases where proteins have to be broken down either moderately or more extensively to peptides.
(Bag 20 kg)
Protamex is a Bacillus protease complex developed for the hydrolysis of food proteins. Enzyme will produce non-bitter
protein hydrolysates even at low degrees of hydrolysis.
Flavourzyme 1000L 
(jerrycan 25 kg)
Flavourzyme is a fungal protease/peptidase complex for the hydrolysis of proteins under neutral or slightly acidic conditions. Flavourzyme can be used for debittering bitter protein hydrolysates at low degrees of hydrolysis and for extensive hydrolysis of proteins resulting in flavour
Novo-Pro D 
(jerrycan 25 kg)
Serine-containing endoprotease, hydrolyzing internal peptide bonds. It is used to obtain meat proteins hydrolysates that are used to improve the palatability of pet food, as well as the hydrolysis of keratin.

our competencies

Based on the global experience of Novozymes and the practical work of our specialists in promoting and introducing enzymatic processes of hydrolysis of animal and vegetable proteins, we are ready to offer your company the following set of services in the field of the use of proteases in your production:

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