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Chicken protein hydrolysate HCP Premium 150 for industrial & diagnostic culture media

Universal biotechnologies and technological lines from Symbio are used for the industrial production of a wide range of protein hydrolysates with desired properties from various types of raw materials.

Chicken protein hydrolysate
HCP Premium 150. Summary

Enzymatic Protein Hydrolysates

  • Development of industrial biotechnologies for the deep processing of raw materials of animal and plant origins (including manufacturing of end-user products with unique biological properties)
  • Production, distribution and application of chicken protein enzymatic hydrolyzate in food products, feeds with unique biological properties for animals and fish, culture media for microorganisms, as well as nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals
  • Design and launch of manufacturing facilities for deep processing of raw materials (including technology licenses provisioning, preferential conditions for equipment acquisition and supply arrangements for required enzymes)

Chicken protein hydrolysate HCP Premium 150. Composition

Property HCP PREMIUM 150
4% (±2%)
88% (±2%)
0% (±0,5%)
7% (±1%)
0% (± 0,5%)
Amine nitrogen
4,5 – 5%
2,5% (±0,5%)

* Product does not contain any antibiotics or other antimicrobial chemotherapeutic substances

Key applications

Due to its’ unique biological properties, HCP Premium 150 can be used as a source of amino nitrogen (growth factor) for culture media including cultivation of complex microorganisms

Currently, chicken protein hydrolysates are effectively used by many Russian microbiological and biotechnological companies as a key component of their culture media in the industrial production of the following products:

  • Probiotics for the food, pharmaceutical and feed industries.
  • Microbiological fertilizers.
  • Starter crops for the dairy and meat industries.
  • Enzymes
  • Vaccines
  • Organic products for the treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater


Key competencies

Production and distribution of enzymatic protein hydrolysates, as well as products with high biological value based on these hydrolysates

Creation, implementation and development of industrial biotechnologies for the deep processing of raw materials of animal and vegetable origin, including low-value and secondary types thereof

Financing and participation in the implementation of investment biotechnological projects, including innovative ones

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