Alcohol production

SIMBIO is developing new enzymatic technologies for the alcohol production of the world leader – the Novozymes company (Denmark) – and adapts it to the working conditions of a particular plant.

The essence of the technology is the processing of high concentration wort (24 – 28% DM). Application of the proposed technology allows to achieve the following technical and economic advantages of alcohol production:

increase in enterprise productivity on existing equipment up to 50%
reduction of:

  • water for the process up to 30%;
  • steam consumption at the stage of heating the water – grain mass up to 30%;
  • power consumption up to 35%;
  • flow rate of cooling, flushing water;
  • the amount of wastewater up to 40%;
  • steam consumption for rectification up to 35%;
  • steam consumption for drying the stillage and evaporation of syrup up to 40%;

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