Name of enzyme product
Shearzyme Plus 2X
Xylanase and Cellulolytic Activities
Effective product for separating starch, gluten, and shell.0.05–0.10 kg/mt of flour
Novozyme 28255
Complex enzyme product
New generation product. Possesses increased activities for use in the starch, gluten and shell separation step.00.03–0.10 kg/ton of flour
LpHera Thermostable α-amylase
A new-generation product that allows working in a wider range of pH and temperature. Allows to increase DX while decreasing DP3. The use of LpHera reduces the cost of chemicals that maintain pH by 50 %, as well as ion exchange resins.0.15–0.30 kg/mt of starch dry matter
BAN 480 LS
Mesophilic α-amylase
It is used in the process of starch hydrolysis during production of maltodextrins, as well as to reduce the viscosity during filtration.0.50–1.0 kg/ton of starch dry matter
Termamyl 2X
Specially developed enzyme for the most efficient starch dextrinization in the production of maltodextrins.0.20–0.40 kg/ton of starch dry matter
Liquozyme X Thermostable α-amylaseEffective DE formation during the liquefaction stage, high dextrose level, rapid viscosity reduction.0.30–0.50 kg/ton of starch dry matter
Dextrozyme GO
Pullulanase, glucoamylase and lysophospholipase activities
It is a blend of glucoamylase, pullulanase, and lysophospholipase designed to maximize DX during saccharification. This enzyme product provides improved filtration and pH stability.0.40–0.60 kg/ton of starch dry matter
multienzyme complex
It is a unique multi-enzyme complex for the saccharification process, which allows achieving an unrivaled action. Designed to achieve the highest possible level of glucose and lowest DP2 sugars.0.55–0.75 kg/ton of starch dry matter
Unique, thermostable, stable in a wide pH range beta-amylase for the production of maltose syrup.0.04–0.20 kg/ton of starch dry matter
Fungamyl 800L
Fungal α-amylase
Increase of maltose amount in the syrup.0.10–0.20 kg/ton of starch dry matter
Promozyme D6
Pullulanase activity
Used to break down amylopectin after liquefaction and to reduce the oligosaccharide content in glucose syrup.0.50–0.70 kg/ton of starch dry matter
Finizyme W 5X
Lysophospholipase Activity
Lysophospholipase, which is used to improve the filtration quality of syrups with a high content of lysophospholipids. Minimum dosages for effective filtration.0.02 kg/t of starch dry matter
β-glucanase, cellulolytic, xylanase activities
Improved filtration in the processing of B-starch.0.10–0.20 kg/ton of starch dry matter
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