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Biotechnological projects that have been waiting for their time in Russia for a very long time have been growing by leaps and bounds for the last 3-4 years. Hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises of various industries have started producing products with high biological and consumer properties. To date, the existing biotechnological production of deep grain processing has attracted investments in the amount of about 600 million. euro.

Despite the achievements of recent years, the Russian markets of biotechnologies and biotechnological products are still 15 times smaller than the markets of the leading countries with a similar population.

Therefore, we are now optimistic about the future of Russian biotechnologies, especially since we work with life-supporting enterprises.

And the bigger the crisis in Russia, the faster and better we create and master new ideas, technologies and products.

We invite you to an interesting and rapidly developing World of Bioeconomics

Team Symbio

Symbio is one of the leaders in the development and industrial development of biotechnological solutions for :

Our competencies

Creation, implementation and development of industrial biotechnologies for deep processing of raw materials of animal and plant origin, including low-value and secondary types

Production and sale of enzymatic protein hydrolysates, as well as products with high biological value based on these hydrolysates

Design, engineering services and supply of technological equipment from the best European companies for biotechnological projects

Financing and participation in the implementation of investment biotechnological projects, including innovative ones

Distribution and adaptation to customer needs of Novozymes A/S enzymes and technologies (Denmark), protein hydrolysates and other tools for deep processing of raw materials in various industries

Success Stories


OOO “Symbio” is a member of the Association of grain deep-processing companies (“Soyuzkrakhmal”). This Association was established in 1998 and at present is comprised of 17 most large-scale manufacturers within the branch, ensuring over 75% domestic production of native starch, maltodextrin and glucose-fructose syrups, about 90% modified starches and 100% glucose syrups and L-lysine sulfate.

The Association is a professional non-profit organization, the main objectives of which are to coordinate efforts of its members in the implementation of joint programs, to develop business relations and activities for protection of interests of the Association members at legislative and executive authorities of the Russian Federation, to promote and support initiatives and projects aimed at the development of the grain deep-processing branch, to expand the opportunities of manufacturing companies and the Association’s members in scientific-technical, industrial and social sectors.

The company “Novozaims” (Denmark), creating unique enzymatic complexes based on microorganisms found in nature for more than 70 years, is a leader in the field of innovative solutions for biotechnological processes in various branches of the food industry. The production facilities of the company “Novozaims” located all over the world make it possible to ensure the availability of goods in all regions, taking into account the standards of safety and quality of global and local markets. The main advantages of using enzyme preparations produced by Novozaims are the ability to conduct technological processes at the highest production level with maximum conservation of the energy of the enterprise and natural resources.

SYMBIO has been an exclusive distributor in Russia for 25 years of Novozaims enzyme preparations for the production of alcohol, beverages from grain crops, deep processing of grain, protein hydrolysates and other industries.

The competence of the CFT Group of companies, with its head office in Parma, includes the design, engineering and production of equipment, installations and turnkey integrated lines for the food and beverage industry.
Many years of experience and know-how of such leading brands as:
Rossi & Catelli, Manzini, Sima, Comaco, SBC, Comac and Milk Project, united in the CFT holding, allow the company to offer a full portfolio of products developed on the basis of the most advanced technologies and covering a full range of industrial solutions for the food industry.
Every day millions of tons of fresh food are processed on our equipment and millions of cans, bottles and other containers are filled and processed on our machines and lines

SYMBIO is the owner of biotechnologies for the production of protein hydrolysates and the exclusive distributor of engineering solutions and CFT technological lines for their production.

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