Products. Hydrolyzed chicken proteins

Hydrolyzed chicken protein «HCP PREMIUM 150»
Hydrolyzed chicken protein/ extract «HCP – B4»
Сommon properties

  • 100% natural product, without artificial additives, flavorings or preservatives;

  • made from fresh food grade chicken raw material

  • Obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of chicken protein

  • Hypoallergenic;

  • High degree of protein digestibility (≥95%)

  • Full amino acid composition

  • high content of essential amino acids;

  • Contains essential trace elements in organic form (calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium).

  • Low ash and fat content

  • Contain biologically active substances

Important differences
100% solubilityDispersible, turbid solution
Protein Content: 88% (± 2%)Protein Content : 85% (±2%)
Fat Content: 0% (± 0.5%)Fat Content : ˂5%
The high content of short peptides and free amino acidsHigh content of medium and short peptides
The technology provides an additional purification step to UFAdditional purification step by ultrafiltration is not provided

Key applications

Due to their biological and functional properties, hydrolyzed chicken proteins HCP PREMIUM 150 and HCP-B4 are successfully and effectively used in various industries to solve a wide range of problems

PRODUCT Culture media Pet food and treats Functional, health and sports nutrition Poultry processing and meat industries Feed for young animals and aquaculture

Our specialists are ready to provide additional information on the proposed hydrolyzed chicken protein, methods for their production, as well as advise enterprise specialists on the use of these universal ingredients
in specific industries, directions and products.

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